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sandstone feature
stone table.jpg
dining table.jpg
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mikecasscreative were invited to be a part of this project in Cheltenham by a longterm friend and collaborator. A desire to personalise this large residential home was at the heart of our strategy and a series of small architectural insertions became the approach. Interior treatment of sandstone blade walls created continuity between indoor and outdoor spaces and a dialog with the surrounding bushland. Some of these insertions become retrofitted and infill solutions within the building. A perforated steel feature screen, sandstone clad fireplace and a bespoke hardwood dining room table express the style and character of the client.

timber + stone
painted wall.jpg
glass fence detail.jpg

Inspired by the complex suburban landscape surrounding the site, this project maximises space in the tightest of sites. Located in Balmain this traditional Sydney terrace possesses a small backyard with an appealing northerly aspect. Rethinking completely the existing layout of the backyard, the projects focus is a four by two meter splash pool placed between a vertically clad spotted gum feature wall and contemporary sandstone paving. A cantilevered steel shower structure provides shade over the raised hardwood timber daybed and relief from the strong aesthetic of the timber and sandstone. Frame-less glass fencing maintains visual connectivity throughout the yard making the space feel larger than it is. The existing carport has been retained and enhanced for to include a patch of grass bordered by a children’s black board painted on the outer skin of the pool. Several hurdles were overcome during construction including stringent council controls and a complex and dated network of gas, water and power lines, all of which redesigned to reveal a seamless and clean built landscape.

bamboo + granite
feature wall.jpg
herb garden.jpg

The brief for this project located in Sydney's Rozelle was to connect the heart of the home to a new outdoor living space containing a generous plunge pool. Working with the sort of tight site consistent with this area of Sydney we borrowed ideas from the existing architectural fabric emphasising texture and material rather than scale of space. Plant selection and fence cladding was crucial in maintaining privacy and maximising the space. Bright and feathery Honey Locust  leaves filter light to the terrace while slender weaver bamboo screens neighbouring property subtly. Continuing this play with texture and material, small cobbled paving areas give way to the exfoliated granite feature wall elevating the plunge pool to a real focal point. Considered planting defines these multiple level changes from the raised pool to the sunken lounge slowing the eye and adding variety to the space.